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Parenting is a Lesson in Teaming.

The third edition of Inspiring Parenthood was released October 14, 2019. You can find the paperback here:; the e version here:; and the Kindle version here:

Speaker Info & News

You might notice that I write on a number of subjects that, at first glance, seem distant from each other. However, all of them have, at their core, the message of how to team well and enjoy relationships more. If you like reading, I blog at, where you can learn more about the topics I often speak on.

To book me as a speaker, request a media interview, or discuss how you might use Teaming Science to help you with a problem, just use the Contact form here and let's talk. I do a lot of traveling and would love to meet you!

Here are some recent media samples.


11/4/19 - Spatial COmputing Panel at Connected Enterprise

Podcast recorded 10/22/19

At Podcast Movement 2018

I was invited to be on a panel for Podcast Movement 2018. Not because I was a podcaster, but because they needed a storyteller and I've been guesting since the beginning of podcasting... My opener was caught by an audience member who was escorting a special guest star...

The lighter Side 0f teaming science - 11/21/18