Teaming Science explains how people interact so you can do it better.


Because people are different, they don't automagically understand each other. By using Teaming Science, your relationship - whether personal or business - can not only reduce whatever conflict exists, but it can use it to grow as individuals and members of society. This is true whether two or more are involved.

Teaming Science helps us understand how we experience our shared world and how to work with other people effectively to make it better. It encompasses not only our career lives, where it informs leadership, but our personal lives: love, parenting, community, and the spiritual.

It doesn't take much to go from mad, sad, or bad to glad when you know how to put objective, scientific, situation-specific information on teaming to use. You are together for a reason. Wouldn't it be useful to know why - and how to maximize your growth value to each other?

We offer consulting to individuals, partners, groups, and organizations, and we partner with organizations seeking content for their own products and the technology that drives teaming.

how to Help your team

A Quick and Easy Process for Leaders

Teaming Science is a truly new and useful way to understand what’s going on in teams. There’s a simple process that takes the leader only two to three hours to gain a deep understanding of their team - the people and the dynamics between them. Often it’s objective confirmation of what the leader already knows, but with suggestions for actions that will improve the structure and function of the organization. 

The team members, including the leader, each invest less than an hour to have an online Teamability experience. This unique technology measures what happens between people, not what’s inside them. And that’s why you can easily determine the person’s fit with their job and their team, and then use management techniques to produce greater synergies.

The follow up one-two hour advisory session with the leader follows their objectives, often to enhance performance and get ready for rapid growth or to deal with a top-heavy organization that needs pruning. By identifying and understanding where structural strengths exist, and where they need to be reinforced or rebuilt, strategy leads to actions that drive, inform, and guide positive changes. 


meet dr. janice presser


She's a PhD Systems Scientist

While psychologists generally focus on traits, Dr. Janice spent her formative research years asking a fundamental question: how do people team together? And she found the answers in systems theory.


Inventor of Teamability®

Having written her first line of code in high school, she was positioned to architect a system to measure how people work together, in business or personal life.


Her focus is on the Future

It's clear: When people do work aligned with the way they best contribute and enjoy the people they do it with, they're happier, more productive, and more inclined to improve their community and the world.

What's possible?


Make conflict manageable!

Make a good relationship great!

Understand yourself better!


Understand yourself better!

Make a good relationship great!

Understand yourself better!


Make a good relationship great!

Make a good relationship great!

Make a good relationship great!

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